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Which country does your raw material come from?
Our main and accessory glass material comes from China. Besides, unqualified products in our production are grinded and reused.
What's the difference between semi-artificial and automatic bottles?
Semi-artificial bottles refer to the one made with the techniques completed with machinery operated by human. This technique applies to processing of complex shapes and small-lot production. The colors of colorful bottles are multiple and complex, hence mostly semi-artificial manufacturing. This technique is also used to produce glass stoppers for perfume. On the othe hand, to ensure a stable quality, machine processing is used for large-lot production of thousands of bottles, which is termed automatic bottle-making. Its cost is lower than semi-artificial bottle making.
What are standard bottles?
Standard container is a basic container independently developed by our company for universal molding. It is oriented to customers with short time of delivery, low cost and small orders.
Can we entrust you with original design?
Please. For customers who need original containers, we will provide you with the most satisfying original design solution through negotiation. It will take 30 days to design and submit a solution.
How long does mould making need?
Generally, when the design is confirmed, we will make a trial mould. It takes 15-20 business days to make the trial mould and 25-20 working days to make the mould for batch production.
Can you deliver your products overseas?
Of course. We can deliver products to overseas customers.
If we are not good at Chinese, can we contact and consult you?
Our marketing staff can speak Japanese and English. Don't worry about this.
What if we want not only glass containers but also stoppers and other accessories?
Please contact us at any time. We can communicate with you about products more than containers via our own network.
If we are inclined to order bottles, is there any requirement for a minimum order?
Please contact and consult us at any time.
Can we visit your factory?
Please contact and consult us at any time.

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