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Advantage of glass

Green and environmental glass container

Human’s use of glass dates from 5,000 years ago, which is the earliest artificial material in history.
Free of environmental hormone

Glass container, made from silica sand, sodium carbonat, limestone and other natural material, is seen as the most crustal structure friendly container. Thanks to its plain and natural production and stable chemical components, it is free of hazardous substances and environmental hormone and able to protect its content effectively.

Protect its content

Compared with other containers, glass container with better tightness can maintain its content fresh and fragnant. UV protection coating glass, a new type of glass in recent years, is able to protect its content from exposure of ultraviolet ray and make its content safer.

Recycling and reuse of material

Glass container can be cleaned repeatedly and resued. Grinded glass, as a raw material, can be made brand new glass containers. In addition, glass also applies to glass wool insulating material, pitch, interior decoration material, etc., with wide-ranging and diverse ways of reuse. Glass is the best environmental material for reuse.

Prominent design

In the long history of humankind, with changing time and location, colorful glass-making technologies have emerged one after another. Even in this age when glass has been widely applied in every corner worldwide, the design of glass, through coloring and processing, is still extending infinitely. The smoothness and texture of glass are well liked by people.

Advantage of Suzutake

Relying on our Group, provide secure and effective one-stop service to you

    Our company enjoys a full set of integrated production and marketing system and is positioned to manufacture, process and deliver especially glass containers independently.

Our service

Type of processing

To satisfy customers’ diverse demand, we build a full system with the Group with which we can deliver to you our products securely and effectively.

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